Once, I saw a guy defecate into an empty paint bucket and then fling the turds at two unassuming people that were taking in the scenery.

The lesson I learned was simple:

You'll never know why people do the things they do. Just make sure you steer clear of crap in life.



About Me

Way before my facial hair was peaking out of my cheeks, I enjoyed telling stories. And it wasn't until recently when other people liked how I told them.

While attending Miami Dade College, I had two poems published for Café Cultura. Those pieces opened the door for me. It got me hired at the college as a part of their writing tutor staff, galvanizing my freelance writing career and allowing me to develop my upcoming comic book, Detached: Into the Comasphere, that was fully funded through Kickstarter and is due, July 2018.

Whether in a team or alone, I make certain that I am working towards a standard of story telling that catches the imagination and pushes the way stories can be done and consumed.    


After being recognized for my work in my college, I branched out and began working creatively on other projects and in tandem with Miami Dade College.



Bitter American Breakfast
Café Cultura Literary Magazine, October 2016

Animals in Traffic
Café Cultura Literary Magazine, October 2017


Detached: Into the Comasphere
Independent Comic Book
July 2018





Skills & Languages

Final Draft 10

Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel 

Microsoft Powerpoint






-an incredibly motivated and passionate
individual who takes challenges in stride and follows through on his work.
— Emily Schnall, RISD BFA Grad, Illustrator on Detached: Into the Comasphere
A working artist currently developing his creative projects outside of college, whose quality is professional grade.
— Prof. Omar Figueras, MFA, Miami Dade College


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