Once, I saw a guy defecate into an empty orange paint bucket, and then, using the bucket as a crap catapult, flung his turds at two unassuming pedestrians that were calmly taking in the scenery.

The lesson I learned was simple:

Never pay too much attention to the things that are already working; a disaster is only a bucket away.



About Me

Way before my facial hair was peaking out of my cheeks, I loved telling and crafting stories. And it wasn't until recently, where other people saw the potential in them.

While attending Miami Dade College, I had two poems published by the school’s award-winning literary magazine, Café Cultura. Those pieces opened the door for me and galvanized my writing career which allowed me to create my first comic book, Detached: Into the Comasphere, which was funded on Kickstarter!

Whether in a team or alone, I make certain that I am giving my best effort to create a standard of storytelling that catches the imagination using original ideas. 



After my writing was recognized in college, I branched out and began working creatively on other projects and in tandem with Miami Dade College.



Bitter American Breakfast
Café Cultura Literary Magazine, October 2016


Animals in Traffic
Café Cultura Literary Magazine, October 2017

Detached: Into the Comasphere
Independent Comic Book
July 2018







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