Detached: Into the Comasphere

A widowed father who falls into a coma on the night of his deceased wife’s birthday due to a traumatic brain injury that he cannot recall. Leaving his only daughter behind, he plunges into the depths of the comasphere; a place where the mind lies awake but is detached from one’s control. While there, a shapeless form eerily explains to him the power his memories have, why memories exist and what he needs to do if he is to return home.

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Adrian Terga

Somewhere in my house there is a Polaroid of 3-year-old me in an over-sized Batman cowl, grinning like an idiot. Something about that moment resonates on a different level now having written my first comic. I like to think that I regularly keep in touch with that kid, and I’ll soon be able to tell that little dreamer that he grew up to make a comic of his own. That, more than anything, pushes me to create.


Emily Schnall

Emily Schnall might be a rookie to the comic book world, but she is a pro. With a BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design and plenty of freelance experience, this project was in as qualified a pair of hands as they come. What drew me to Emily was her ability to convey sadness with her loose, yet, anatomically accurate style felt like the exact mood that was needed to tackle this story. She created a haunting, fun, and fresh environment to let your eyes play in. 


Nikki Powers

Nikki Powers loves comics. Like, a lot. She is very involved with the indie comics community and she uses that love and devotion to letter comics for projects that she likes! Last year, she lettered: Prometheus #1, a comic on Kickstarter that was successfully funded and then hopped on board our team to lend her word placement wizardry to this project.